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LaShon's Adult 

International Culinary Cooking Social

"Where cooking is life..."

Book your private class today!

Private Class is $35/person

  $30/person for group of 10 or more people

 Are you looking for something fun and exhilarating  to do before you enjoy the rest of a Saturday night, possibly out on the town?    PREPARE, PRESENT, and EXPERIENCE international cuisine at its best.  Surprise your palate by "visually visiting" and  experiencing the wonderful tastes of different countries & themes! Join us  with a class of friends, family, co-workers, or other food lovers with Executive Chef Dashon of LaShon's Catering Specialists!  

Menu consists of  3 gourmet dishes, appetizer, dessert, and beverages, including wine  indigenous  to your country of choice.

Cost: $35 IN ADVANCE, $30 for Groups of  10 or more people

This event is perfect for singles, couples, groups, or ANYONE WHO SIMPLY ENJOY FOOD!  Join Us...

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