Event Services


LaShon's Catering Specialists (LCS) offer an array of services in order to provide for your varying catering service needs. 


Buffet Services


Buffet-style presentations are among the most popular services ordered by customers.  LCS is

known for swift buffet lines during large capacity events.  Full buffet-style presentations include

LCS staff at no extra charge to you.  The staff will serve your guests at the buffet table to

assure appropriate portion control, as well as immediate and efficient food service.  You

must have at least 35 guests in order tp book a 'full' buffet-style presentation for your event.  All

tables used by LCS (buffet, appetizer, beverage tables, etc.) will be covered and/or skirted with

white linen free of charge.  


Sit-Down/Wait Staff Services


LCS also provide sit-down service, utilizing LCS wait staff.  Sit-down service is an extra 5% X number of hours needed, which is added
to your total following state tax and gratuity.


Drop-Off Service


Drop-off service is also provided for customers who prefer not to have the set-up and/or staff service.  If you order food for drop-off,
you will be responsible to provide your own paper/plastic products and condiments.


Other Services



Intimate Dinners for Two


All initimate dinner packages include a two-place setting in your home, which would include china, glassware, silverware, linen tablecloth, and napkins, decorations, and full, hands-on service, personally from the Personal/Executive Chef!  Prices range from $39.95 to $65.95 per
.  All packages include 1 meat, 2 sides, 1 appetizer, 1 soup or
salad, and 1 regular beverage.  You can have all this in the comfort
of your home.  Call us or download a brochure.


Culinary Class/Camp


LCS is now offering International Culinary day or week-long

classes/camps, which are ideal for organizations and schools that

would like to have a guest chef teach the fundamentals of cooking,

while providing hands-on cooking lessons, with varying dishes from

around the world, to middle and high school students.  Details coming

soon, which would include information on scheduling, budget per

expected number of participating students, facility expectations,

class agenda, curriculum choices, and other fees.

Adult International Culinary Cooking Lessons are now available.  Click here to

view upcoming dates and details or to register.  Cost is $40.





So, what service can we provide for you?... 



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