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"LASHON'S CATERING SPECIALISTS provides service that some caters don't have, and that's excellent customer service!"

 -Darkins Communications




"Really enjoyed doing business with such a professional staff."

- C.M. Wallace, Principal, Pittsburgh Montessori



"Our 50th wedding anniversary celebration brought tears to my eyes and   LASHON'S CATERING is part of our family. Most of all, the Honey  Dipped Chicken was so delicious, I wanted to slap the chef!"

- Mr. & Mrs. Leonard Brown



"Chef Dashon provided a taste test to remember, he started off with the  Honey Dipped Chicken, which BLEW our   mind!  That's when we knew we were   going  with LASHON'S CATERING SPECIALISTS for our wedding."

-Eugene & LaTeia


"It is always such a pleasure doing business with  LASHON'S CATERING SPECIALISTS. Their professionalism and cleanliness  is unbelieveable. Again, always a pleasure..."

-Susan Barnhorst, The Nuin   Center, Pittsburgh, PA



"My bridal party brunch in my home was beautiful. The presentation was amazing.  I did not think it would be like this! Amazing!"




"All I really have to say is...the white vegetarian lasagna...Wow!  FANTASTIC!"

- Dr. Irene Frederick, M.D., The Birth Circle, Pittsburgh, PA


"We contracted several events with LASHON'S CATERING due to their professionalism. We would highly recommend to anyone."

-KBK Enterprises




-Leann  Brown Reid



"We were disappointed in some catering companies. However, LaShon's Catering Specialists'  reputation of excellent food & service kept us booking, event after event.  Their service was well appreciated."

-A Second Chance, Inc., Pittsburgh , PA



"The Intimate Dinner for Two was one of the most special days of my  life. My wife was so surprised that   her tears couldn’t stop  running down her face."

-Mr. Bat, Bat's Barbershop























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