Frequently Asked Questions...


It is quite understandable that you may have a few quick we have provided answers to the most frequently asked...:


Do I need to provide a deposit in order to book my event?
Yes.  A 30% deposit is required at the time of booking.  This deposit is non-refundable and is deducted from the final balance.  Your date will be held only when the deposit is made.  We accept all forms of payment: Cash, check, money order, and credit/debit card (over $20 only).  A fee of $39 will be due for a returned check.


Do you provide taste tests?
Yes. Taste tests are welcomed and must be scheduled in advance to assure Chef’s availability.  2-3 full entrées are presented, as well as a formal presentation of services that can be provided to you.  Taste Tests are limited to 4 individuals per group or couple attending...No exceptions.


What is the payment schedule?

After you have made your 30% deposit, you are free to make installments.  The remaining balance is due 10 days prior to your event. No exceptions. If remaining balance is not received on or prior to your due date, a 15% surcharge will be added to your balance due. For all events booked 10 days or less than the date of your scheduled event, the entire balance is due upon signing the Order Form/Contract. 


Am I allowed to take my left over food home?
LCS does not permit customers to take food home for liability purposes.  However, a customer may take food home if a service waiver is signed, relinquishing LCS liabilty responsibility in the event of occurred illnesses following your event.   


What if I need to cancel my booking?  What are the cancellation terms?

If you need to cancel your booking for any reason, you must do so 2 weeks prior to the event in order to receive any sort of refund, excluding the deposit.  If LCS has to cancel for any reason, you will be provided with a FULL refund, including the deposit.


Can you provide my rented event hall with a certificate of insurance?

Yes.  We are fully insured.  We can provide a Certificate of Insurance for any event hall.  The Certificate of Insurance provides coverage for the kitchen, the hall, you, and your guests on the day of your event. 


Am I allowed to bring food in outside of LCS?

No food is to be brought into an event outside of LCS (detailed in LCS' complete Terms and Conditions), unless LCS is informed and a Service Waiver is signed. This is non-negotiable for liability purposes. Event cakes, such as wedding cakes, are the only food items that can be brought to an event outside of LCS, again, unless LCS is informed and a Service Waiver is signed. It is recommended that your cake be broken down, cut, served, and/or packaged by LCS staff. 

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